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angelsDear Dances with Angels,

A friend sent me the following text recently.  I riffed on it below, not too much but just enough to get you started with your own riffs and ruminations about emptiness.  And space.

“I am feeling the conceptual power of emptying a closet, and leaving it empty.  So that the closet if full of emptiness.  This concept feels empowering.  Today I will empty a closet and fill it with emptiness, and leave the closet door open, so I can observe emptiness.  The powerful emptiness of space.”

~ * ~

I replied:

In other words, to empty is to fill with space.

Space = Power

The vast emptiness of space, rife with creative foment.

The potent promise and potential of the space in all things.

Emptiness allows the expansion of space.

Emptiness = Expansion

They say our body is mostly space and that if we gathered all the matter in our body together it would fit on the head of a pin.

The rest would be space and in that space I think, perhaps, all the angels begin to dance on the head of our pin.

Dance today with your angels, in the emptiness you are.

What will your dance be?  I’ll be dancing the dance of a child lost in the delight of unreserved movement, I’ll be dancing a dance of love, which I will be sending outward from my heart to yours.  You will know.  I will too.

X💜Mayet MaHulili Leilani
PS – Artwork above by Suzy Randel
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