Life is But a Dream, But You Are Still the Dreamer

Article Highlights:

  • Life is in the dreamer
  • The dream is in the dreamer
  • What are your dreams?

life is but a dreamDear Master Dreamer,

This is the last week in a month of Weekly Wisdoms. It’s been fun sharing some of the wisdom and guidance transmissions that come to me frequently, that I take as contemplations for my week. This one came as a poem but it works in prose form too and may be easier to read this way.

The Dreamer and the Dreamed

A great deal is said about dreams:

Honor your dream. Remember your dreams. Have the courage to live your dream Fully. Make your dreams Come True. Believe In your dream. Don’t give up on your dreams. Dream your best dream yet.

But what are your dreams if not That Which Reveals the Dreamer? (more…)