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thanksgivingDear Thankful One,

A few years ago I did a ceremony and house blessing for a friend moving into her new home.  The ceremony included smudging and song as well as a special prayer I wrote to express the intentions and gratitude for those within.

This Thanksgiving, I thought it would be nice to share this blessing with you – I think it could be a lovely prayer for your Thanksgiving meal.    

You’ll find it below but I also have a pdf copy that’s formatted for printing on an 8×10 sheet of paper.  If you printed it on special paper at home you’d have a lovely 8×10 to frame and hang on the wall like she did, and I have done.  If you’d like to have that, just let me know in a quick email to and I’ll email the file to you.  

I hope you have a wonderful day of thanks and giving, whether as your own private time of reflection or with friends and family.  I’m with friends in the mountains of New Mexico (see photo).  May your holiday weekend contain many moments of joy and inner peace, that’s my wish for you.

Much love,
Mayet Leilani
PS – I think we finally got things worked out so that I actually do have the three new videos on my website now, at

~ * ~

May a Fullness of the vital energies of Life On-going
be found in Balance in this home.
May all who enter here share Respect and Acceptance.
May our Thoughts and Actions be well chosen –
they form The Circle that returns to us again and again.

We welcome here the diverse Wisdom of the Four Directions
and the blessings of the One Life
that flows through All.

May we exchange those Blessings with the Four-Legged Ones,
that our Hearts be kept warm.
May our Prayers lift with the Winged-Ones
to always find their way home.
May Laughter, Song and Dance
echo through every room.

May Peace find a home in our hearts,
May Goodness and Blessings for all
be the outcome of our prayers,
May Loving Kindness be our action.

In this home we honor the Great Creator of all things
and we cherish our beloved Mother Earth
for her creativity and service throughout countless Eons of time,
in continuous and wondrous creation of All Life
including Our Own.

May each being herein learn to fulfill their Destiny
to live in Loving Harmony,
A Radiant Source
of Joy.

Mayet Leilani
December 5, 2016