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pied piperDear child of the village,

Yesterday I came across a small black rock tucked into the side pocket of my purse.  On it was etched the Hopi Indian figure of Kokopelli, dancing and piping a compelling song.  

“What does Kokopelli’s song sound like?” I wondered as I put it in my pocket for the day.   I was reminded of our childhood story of the Pied Piper who piped such a magic tune that all the children in the village followed him out of town.

Later in the afternoon when I sat quietly in Will Rogers park, this message came in answer, from the Heart of Love.  It delighted me and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

The Pied Piper and You
A Message From the Heart of Love

The story of the piper is told in many, many languages, dear friend.  In some cultures it is no longer remembered what the magic song is; in some cultures it is even feared for its hypnotic potency.  Even so, no matter the layers of meanings laid upon it throughout the generations of human time, there remains the evocative symbolism of what is remembered by all, beyond words.

The Piper pipes the simple and playful song of your Soul, as all children do know and willingly follow.  Listen… you will hear it as you waken, you hear it sometimes in your dreams or in the pause between breaths or in that moment when the sun sets low over your day.   You can, in fact, hear it anytime you tune in to listen, for it is your own truest song.  It strikes frequencies and chords within you that lead you to open and open and open more to the Fullness of all things.

Who is the magic Piper, dear one?  Why you, of course, as the Beloved in you.  You are the Piper, and the piped, and you are the song.  You are the path it follows and you are the destination where it is leading you.  And what is this magic song?  It is a song of love.  It is the greatest Love Song of all time, the song of songs.

This greatest Love song wakens the sleeping beauty in you, lifting you as Love’s partner called by Love’s sweet voice within you that beckons you to follow, follow yourself – childlike and joyful – directly into the Heart of Love.

~ * ~

Writing this down, the stream flowing near me, I was touched by Love’s song and surrendered there in the park to the melody of my Love rising up in me.  Tears came, the breeze danced on my skin, my spirit rose to the dance, my toes deep in the matted grasses of this amazing earthy home where life is strong and changing all around us.  This can be challenging, but if we listen for the Piper piping the tune within us, that tune of Love will love us onward, illuminating the way.

It’s singing lovingly to you now, and I am too,
X💜Mayet MaHulili Leilani
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