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we are the lightDear Play Pal,  

We’ve had some longer reads here lately.  Time for a change of pace – a short but fun message.  One of the funny things I do around my house is make little impromptu altars all over the place.  This one happened when my flowering anthurium plant fell over and one of the stems broke.  These flowers last a loooooong time, both live and cut.  So I popped in a pretty shot glass someone gave me, added a couple other items and created a contemplative mini-altar tableaux.  It’s cute, isn’t it?  When I pass by it makes me smile and a smile is such a great meditation.

When I create these little altars I often ask Spirit for a message to put beside it to read from time to time.  Here’s the message I got for this teeny altar moment.

Feel the Fullness

Feel the Fullness, find it there inside you.  Escape the muttering and puttering of daily mind, move through the outer rooms, beyond reach of even pressing cares and woes.    Navigate the emptiness, the shadowy barren wastelands, past the derelict and crumbling spaces where familiar patterns rabble and gabble like cranky aunties.  Pay them no mind, continue on.  Further now, beyond judgment, past definition or storytelling, below the threshold of pain.  Turn the corner even on reason.  Here, at last, the terrain opens into spaciousness.

Here, at last, in the outer reaches of inner space, where stardust drifts like tiny fireflies of ancient cosmic Being.  Here at last, the wellhead bubbling up from what is always here, has always been and ever and always shall be here.  The Fountainhead of Fullness and Light brimming with peace and joyous goodness, cleansing, restoring, refreshing.  Welling up, upward, flooding into all the cracks and crannies so dry, seeping into loneliness, rising to fill, to fill with fullness.  Seeds once dormant, activate.  New growth, fed by Fullness springs forth causing wonder, waves of gratitude, tears of joy.  Drink in the fullness, beloved, drink your fill.

~ * ~

Mayet Leilani
PS – Throughout my book, We Are Light! you can experience many of the infusions of Mother Mary’s gifts of Love.  They contain energies for walking in the fullness of Light while in physical form.  The book is available on Amazon.